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Although Brons engines are no longer manufactured, we still have a large supply of spare-parts available. You can also call upon us for less current spare-parts.

We deliver spare-parts for the following brands of ships engines:

Dutch: Brons, Bolnes, Daf, Stork, Ricardo, Werkspoor, Industrie, Kromhout, Samofa.

International: Sulzer, Ruston, Diahatsu, B&W, Alfa, Blackstone, Lister, Crepelle, Cummins, Caterpillar, Nohabpolar, MWM, Deutz, Mak, Scania, Mercedes, MTU, Volvo, Hatz, MAN, ABC, G.M., Ford, Mitsubishi, Detroit, SKL, Yanmar, Bauduoin, Wartsila, Valmet.


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